Traditions: Learn Them!

Coming in as a new Buff, it is time to get you caught up on our traditions. We wouldn’t want you looking lost at any event. Soon you’ll be a seasoned veteran on University traditions, however as a student, you will continue to learn about new ones during your time at WT.

A great place to look for fun traditions is the Buffalo Courts Alumni Center, where you can also purchase your class ring!

West Texas Wednesdays – On Wednesdays we wear maroon. (Hope you picked up on that Mean Girls reference, hint hint) West Texas Wednesday is an informal tradition that students and faculty at WT observe in light of celebrating the university color (Maroon, of course). Many times, organizations or campus departments will award students for wearing maroon on Wednesday and/or posting on social media using the hashtag #WestTexasWednesday to show your Buff pride. Simple enough, wear maroon!

Founders Hall Buffalo– In Founders Hall dormitory, a buffalo is located on the lobby floor. Imagine this, a student is walking along minding their own business, and BOOM, they accidentally step on the beloved buffalo. This student is now obligated to pay their respects and kiss the buffalo. Word of advice: If you don’t want to get stuck smelling someone’s shoe remains, steer clear of the Founders floor buffalo.

Homecoming: (read below)

Pigskin Revue– This is the annual Homecoming pep rally, traditionally held in the Box, where the Homecoming court is announced! You don’t want to miss it.

Work-A-Thon– Work-A-Thon is a wonderful way to raise money for your campus organization, and at the same time, benefit the West Texas A&M University campus and the community of Canyon. Every participant receives breakfast and a t-shirt. The event is a great way to build relationships with other buffs involved on campus and serve members of the community!

Parade– Many local vendors from the community join the parade along with campus organizations who participate in a contest for the best float! They march through campus in front of students, alumni, faculty and community members sporting their buffalo spirit wholeheartedly. Check out this link to watch the 2017 Homecoming Parade!

Buffalo Stampede- TOUCHDOWN BUFFALOS! Here comes the WT mascot being lead by the Herdsman across the football field in all their glory. This is one of many ways to get the crowd excited at football games.

Wagon Wheel Rivalry- A tradition started in 1986 gives possession of the wagon wheel “trophy” to the winner of the West Texas A&M vs Eastern New Mexico football game. ENMU’s Dallan Sanders reached out to a WT administrator with the idea of a traveling trophy and the two decided on a wagon wheel. The “trophy” is now set on the stadium hill of the host school and the victorious team charges up the hill to take possession of it at the end of the game. Each team has won the wagon wheel 14 times since 1986 (the game was not played in 1991 or 2010). vs. Eastern New Mexico. The ENMU Greyhounds are one of the University’s biggest and most well-known rivals. If you never attend any other football game, the Wagon Wheel game is one you should not miss.

Buffalo Cookies– If you don’t know about the famous buffalo cookies, you will soon. Buffalo cookies were originally created by a campus cook, Mrs. Iola Stephens. While visiting her hometown in New York, she discovered a buffalo cookie cutter and so the legend began. She brought it back to campus and University life has been much sweeter since. Many students call them life changing and as the saying goes, you can’t eat just one.

Lastly, the heartbeat of our school, the Fight Song! The University Fight Song was written by Jack Curtice and can be heard at many Buffalo sporting events. Learn it and learn it well, baby buffs. Knowing the fight song is just part of the experience, and if you never learn it you’ll just look silly. 

“On, on Buffaloes,

We are right for the fight tonight;

Hold that ball and hit that line,

Every buffalo will shine;

And then we’ll fight for maroon and white,

And we’ll roar for the old varsity;

We’ll kick, pass and run

Till those ________ are done;

And we’ll bring home the victory!

W – T – A – M, WTAM, Fight! Fight! Fight!”

Attend Buff Branding and get the chance to learn the fight song in full spirit! We cannot wait to see you there Buffs!


Welcome to the Panhandle!

Welcome to WT! Whether you’re moving from Weatherford or Washington, it will take some time for you to acclimate to your new environment and get comfortable with your new community. WT has literally hundreds of activities and organizations that provide events and opportunities for students, but sometimes you just need some time off campus. With the unique location in the center of I-40 and I-27, Amarillo and the surrounding area play host to some interesting events that are perfect for students. Here’s a short list of some things to do and resources to look at when you want to branch off of campus for a little while.


  • Hockey/ Ice Skating


Amarillo is home to the North American Hockey League amateur team the Amarillo Bulls. The group of 16-20-year-olds come from all over the world to train and compete for collegiate scholarships. The games have a  little bit of something for everyone-from a variety of concessions, drink specials and chances to win free prizes- to ice skating that is open to the public, it is a great place for students, organizations and families to have a good time from September through March. There are also programs for adults to learn and play hockey, as well as an ice skating program. Check out for preferred rate tickets, or for more info on how to get involved.


  • Professional Baseball


In 2019, Amarillo will host the inaugural season for a Double-A professional team formerly known as the San Antonio Missions. The brand-new stadium located Downtown will surely not disappoint and will introduce Amarillo to a new facet of professional sport.


  • Amarillo Symphony


Whether you’re in the mood to get dressed up or hear some quality music, the Amarillo Symphony offers a classy, venue that is open to the public. The perfect Friday or Saturday night activity, the concert is performed at the peculiar Globe News Performing Arts Center in the heart of Downtown Amarillo.


  • Concerts, Productions and Comedy


Amarillo is home to the Amarillo Civic Center, Starlight Ranch Event Center and Azteca Music Hall to name a few, not to mention all the dive bars and private venues around town play host to a variety of artists and music genres. Past performances have ranged from Willie Nelson to Skillet to Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias and much more. See upcoming events and purchase tickets at


  • Art Walks


Art may be subjective, but there is no disputing that the art scene in Amarillo is alive and well. the Galleries at Sunset Center host a free art walk the first Friday of every month.


  • Interactive Art and Science


The Don Harrington Discovery Center is basically the classroom you dreamed of as a kid. With 8,000 square feet of exhibits, everyone feels like a kid. They change things up often, so it’s never the same experience twice. They also host ‘adult’ events and expos for the lifelong learner.


  • Botanical Gardens


A beautiful escape from the notorious yellow, dusty scene of West Texas, the Amarillo Botanical Gardens offers a look at local and exotic foliage. For $5, enjoy a unique date night, or take your dog on a walk he/she will never forget (just don’t forget the leash!)


  • Cultural Food Experiences


Can you say Baconfest? Amarillo has several block-party style events perfect for the foodie who loves variety. There are also several events throughout the year hosted by the Chamber of Commerce not only in Amarillo, but Canyon, Dumas and other surrounding towns.


  • Coffee Scene


This microculture within the fabric of the Panhandle has recently become nationally recognized for their coffee. From award winning coffee roaster’s at Amarillo’s Evocation Micro-Coffee Roastery, to the friendly folks at Palace in the Canyon Square, you won’t be disappointed by a single cup.


  • Dirt Track and Drag Racing


While this is seasonal, you can always find a good crowd cheering on their favorite racers at the strip or the dirt track. Some weeks the drag strip opens to the public and lets people enter in street-style competitions. If you have a need for speed but a budget that can’t accomodate a speeding ticket, this is the place for you.


  • Comic Con


Yellow City Comic Con (YC3) is a relatively new event that has attracted actors, gamers and cosplayers to a weekend-long event usually hosted in April. Attendees can participate in panel discussions, meet actors and compete in contests to win prizes and bragging rights.

To get involved with the WT community and learn more about community events, come to Buff Branding, August 23-25. There, you will have the chance to get acquainted with local businesses and organizations that present cool events for you to enjoy while you’re at WT. Don’t miss out!


Self-care, It’s Important

“College is about finding yourself.”

If you haven’t already been told, you’ll find that college is one of the weirdest experiences you’ll face in life. Some of the people around you are 47 and have 25 years experience in their career field, others are 21 and married with kids, and others are still living with a high school mindset. Whether you fall into any of these categories, you should be taking the time to step back and take care of yourself. When you are suffering mentally, emotionally or physically, nothing else in your life can thrive.

Here are a few suggestions on how to take care of yourself while you’re struggling or feeling overwhelmed.


  • Figure out if you’re an introvert, an extrovert or somewhere in between.


Knowing your personality type and the situations you are most comfortable in will help you not only in social settings, but it will also help you when you are trying to relax.

If you’re an extrovert, find your people and spend that quality time together. If you’re not, still go out with friends and make those memories, but be sure to set aside some time to just chill and do you.

  • Find something you really love that has nothing to do with your major or future career plans.

This is a great way to broaden your horizons while also spending some time making yourself happy. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t any good at it, or if anyone else knows. The important thing is that you have a healthy outlet to channel your energy into whenever you need an escape from the stress that college life brings.

  • Listen to your body.

Stress has an incredible way of creeping in over every aspect of life and taking over when we aren’t looking. Try keeping a bullet journal, or try a fitness or wellness tracker app on your phone.

  • Use good judgement, but #TreatYoSelf.

There’s no doubt you work hard, and sometimes you have to make sacrifices dependent upon your situation and other contributing factors. But when the opportunity arises, indulge yourself a little bit. Life is short and college is shorter.

  • Don’t compare yourself to others.

Having goals and expectations for yourself is a crucial part of professional development, but don’t get so caught up in trying to outdo others that you become obsessed with others success. Their success is not your failure. No one has it all figured out, and if they say they do, they’re lying.

  • Keep up the good work!

You’re doing the best you can, so take it easy on yourself. This time in your life is one of the most transformative and you are growing and changing every day whether you realize it or not. Take it easy! You can and will do great things, and you are already working toward your goals by being here.

Get a step ahead and come to Buff Branding, August 23rd-25th. There, you will be introduced to resources on campus that will help you ease your transition into college life. Plus, there’s free food, which is one of the best stress relievers there is. We can’t wait to see you there!


Study Tips, to Help You..Study

The academic transition between high school and college is a gap that no one can properly prepare you for. No matter what kind of student you were in high school, or what your teachers told you about college, you will have to adapt according to your own preferences, skills, and learning abilities.


  • Have a routine.


Whether you go to bed at 12 and wake up at noon the next day, forming a routine will help you form habits. If those are good habits or bad, that’s up to you.


  • Prioritize.


Whether you’re a list-maker or a hot mess express, knowing what needs to be done first and setting an order will help you complete your tasks in a timely manner that won’t leave you scrambling at the last minute.


  • Take breaks.


Definitely get your stuff done, but don’t overload yourself. There are a lot of professionals, like Eric Qualman, that say that you should work in 20-minute increments, take a break and then go back to work for another 20 minutes.

  • Set realistic goals

If you have expectations for yourself, you will be more likely to get your work done! However, sometimes this tactic leads to more stress if you don’t follow tip #2. 🙂

  • Sit somewhere structured

A desk, a table, a booth at your favorite coffee shop or the library, anywhere as long as it’s not your bed. Beds are great for nap breaks, but if you sit on your bed to do work, you’re more likely to get distracted, fall asleep or turn on Netflix and forget about your studies.

Learn some more helpful tips and tricks about all facets of campus life at Buff Branding, August 23-25. We can’t wait to welcome you to campus!

A Letter to The LGBTQ+ Community

To the LGBTQ+ community,

Coming out is a big scary time for someone who is in the LGBTQ+ community. There is fear, possible rejection, and judgement. But there is also a new beginning, the beginning of actually being who you are and loving who you truly love.

It’s a time of self-discovery and acceptance, even if it doesn’t always come from those closest to you. It’s a time of learning and new experiences that you did not think you could ever actually have.

Here, at WT, I have meet those people. I have learned that there is someone always there to lend a helping hand and an ear to listen.  During my time at WTAMU I have been able to find individuals that I can now call friends and even best-friends, that have supported and loved me for who I am. Through them I have been able to gain the strength to love myself. Coming out, it is scary. But here you become part of a herd of buffaloes that love, cherish and accept you. You are not alone.

Though WT is placed in small conservative town, Canyon and Amarillo are part of a Panhandle community that has always been an area of helping hands, accepting, and having a voice to those in need, especially here on campus.

There are resources located on campus where you can have someone to relate to. Spectrum is a safe place for those in the LGBTQ+ community, along with other organizations, that make you feel as if you are not the only one who has had experiences as yours. From different activities to just a place to hang out, this group of individuals serves greatly to those in the LGBTQ+ community. Faculty and staff members alike have open-door policies for you to come in and talk to them about what is going on, and to help you in any way they can.

But this is not the only place for someone like you. This campus is filled with diversity with people who do not discriminate based on sexual orientation or the color of skin. Organizations, fraternities, and sororities are open to everyone so there is a place for you.  

Now safety, that is something that comes across my mind often, so I’m pretty sure it comes across your mind too. Well, let me tell you, on campus we have a campus Night Watch, which is student lead organization that works to secure the safety of fellow classmates through working along-side of our very own University Police. If you ever feel like you need more protection, our campus Night Watch would gladly escort you to your desired destination. On campus, we also provide STD screenings that are completely confidential only to you and are located in the Student Medical Center. But here’s the best part, WT is partnered with Buff Allies that take the extra step to make students in the LGBTQ+ feel more secure in their safety. At West Texas A&M University you are accepted regardless of who you are. 

Learn some more about all facets of campus life at Buff Branding, August 23-25. We can’t wait to welcome you to campus!


a proud LGBTQ+ advocate


Dear International Student,

Dear International Students,

We are SO glad you’re here! Welcome to West Texas, we can’t wait to meet you. We wanted to reach out specifically to you to take some time and give you some pointers for when you arrive on campus.


  • Make it home!


West Texas has a little something for everyone, you just have to go out and find it. You’re bound to bond with someone over a good restaurant or an activity that you grew up doing. If not, there is always room for growth.

You can visit the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership to learn more about how to get involved or start your own organization.


  • Do not get stuck in your room!


It takes time to adjust to new settings and cultures, but don’t let that become your life. West Texas has a little something for everyone, you just have to go out and find it. Reach out to other involved students, professors, faculty etc.

  • Find other international students

Whether you share the same home country, language or similar culture, it’s worth getting to know other students who have experienced the same culture shock as you. Connect with other internationals within your major or department and learn more about involvement and their perspective. They can give you an inside look at what is a good use of your time and what may not be.

  • Utilize the resources available to you.

The Office of Student Engagement and Leadership is a great place to start to find organizations, but there are countless other opportunities to find your niche on campus. Join intramural sports, for example, as a way to stay or get in shape and meet people from all over campus. Advising Services is there to answer any academic related questions.

  • Talk to your advisor, professors, or faculty and staff within your department.

They are invaluable resources not just for your education, but within the WT community and the surrounding area. They are here to serve you and make you a better person, so reach out to them.

The best way to get a good understanding of EVERYTHING WT has to offer is by attending Buff Branding on move-in weekend (August 23-25). There, you will be introduced to the campus, your class cohort, organizations and local businesses and all other things WT.

If you have any questions, check out the schedule at, and follow us on social media.

Welcome home, Buffs!

A Student’s Guide to Food

Canyon’s food scene has been blowing up in the past year or two, so your situation is going to be significantly better than what it was when the graduating 2018 seniors came into the area. However, Amarillo food is absolutely not to be ignored. Here are some recommendations of yummy food for when the Caf just doesn’t hit the spot.

  1. The King & I: 104 15th Ave. Canyon, Tx. –  This hidden Canyon gem looks like the last place you would want to buy sushi from when you come up to it from the outside. On the inside, though, it is immaculate and has some of the best, biggest sushi rolls ever. This seems sketchy since we’re landlocked, but however they do it, the food is fresh and anything on their menu is fantastic (and cheap!) You absolutely need to check this place out.
  2. Sayakomarn’s: 421 16th St. Canyon, Tx. – This Thai and Laotian restaurant is affectionate dubbed Soccer Mom’s, Cindy’s, and Saya. It is the slightly nicer version of Thai Kitchen and has longer hours, so it’s easier to get that fried rice for study time whenever you need it.
  3. Braceros: 2822 SW 6th Ave. Amarillo, Tx. – This fun atmosphere off Route 66 is the best Mexican food in Amarillo, hands down. Also, they have nights of the week where certain specials are cheap, such as Monday Enchilada Night. You won’t be disappointed.
  4. Joe Taco: 502 15th St. Canyon, TX. The queso is great and if you don’t have time to run to Amarillo, this is your best bet for Mexican food. And they’re open late (by Canyon standards).
  5. Green Chile Willy’s: 13651 I-27, Amarillo, TX. – This little, unknown spot has never served something that didn’t taste like the best thing Grandma ever made. Period.
  6. Firehouse Subs: 1901 S Georgia St, Amarillo, TX. – This one isn’t specifically based in the panhandle but it’s still the best. If you’re from Lubbock, DFW, or some comparable-sized city, you know how addicting these are.
  7. Rain Sushi Amarillo: 817 S Polk St, Amarillo, TX. – In downtown Amarillo, this yummy sushi place is a gem that is worth every single second you drive to get there.
  8. Taste Dessert Bar: 1909 S Georgia St, Amarillo, TX. – Fix your sweet tooth and make it a date!
  9. Palace Coffee: 420 15th St, Canyon, TX. – The only reason that good ole Palace isn’t higher is they really don’t do food. Otherwise, this place is the classic hangout spot and way cheaper than starbucks.
  10. KJ’s Diner: 1202 23rd St, Canyon, TX. – This place is a hidden jewel and the cheapest way to get a great meal in the area. Don’t get too excited and get two pancakes though. They’re bigger than the massive plates and you won’t even finish the first.

Parking: The Common Enemy

Every college student knows that there is only one good thing about 8:00 AM class.

You get parking.

Here are a few tips and tricks to dealing with the parking situation on campus.

  1. Get your parking pass shipped to your house and have it on before you get to campus.

You are going to have a lot going on when you get to campus and the last thing you want to worry about is getting your parking pass put on your windshield (bottom left of your rear windshield, fyi). WTPD doesn’t usually start ticketing until the second week of school, but why worry about it when you can have it done ahead of time? Just go online to the Parking Services website and register.

  1. The Shuttle Bus is your friend.

Parking at the First United Bank Center and then riding the shuttle to your classes is a great tool to keep you from being one of those people who circle the parking lots ten minutes before classes start. There is a bus stop at every building around campus and you can track the shuttle buses here.

  1. Honestly, don’t drive if you don’t have to.

There is no reason to drive if you’re in walking or cycling distance to the school. Fifteen minutes of movement keeps you from stressing about parking and makes everybody else’s life easier. Plus, you can justify not going to the gym if you ride a bike to class.

  1. Parking is easiest to find when classes are getting out.

If you park right when classes finish and people are walking to their cars, life is simpler. 12:15 is primetime to park anywhere on campus. Or 7:30 before the 8:00 classes. Monday/ Wednesday at 9:00 is the most common class on campus so finding parking at that time is next to impossible.

  1. Park responsibly.

Don’t be that guy who took up multiple spots for your tiny car or your big rig truck. People will not like you and the cops will ticket you.


Caf Hacks: Getting Creative in the Dinning Hall

One of the biggest pieces of your survival budget goes to food and let’s face it: eating the same stuff over and over gets old. This ends with you spending more money on food rather than just using your meal swipes that you already pay for through your meal plan.

We want your life to get easier, though. To prevent boredom of Caf food, here’s a few tips to help you actually use your meal swipes!

  1. Brunch on the weekends is the best.

Eating brunch on the weekends is the most consistently good food you’ll find. Soak it up while you can.

  1. Go to appetizer night.

The other best food time of the year.

  1. The food is always the best at the beginning of the semester.

This is when all the fresh food is there. Salads are better and so are all the cooked entrees. Don’t use this time on the chicken sandwiches and burgers. You’ll want to save that for later and not be sick of it by the end of the semester when things are running out!

  1. Get creative.

Use toppings from the salad bar and toss it on your chicken patty and a hamburger bun. Bring ziplock bags and bring food back to your dorm room.


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